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Nutrition Services Information

We have always set our standards high at Mammoth Unified School District. The well researched correlation between nutrition, health and the ability to learn is a fact. Participation in the breakfast and lunch programs can be as high as 80% of the student body within a site. Many students are eating two of their three daily meals at school. Providing students with a nutritious meal at both breakfast and lunch becomes essential in creating an environment for our students and schools which propagates success. We have an obligation to do the very best we can for our students.

M.U.S.D has always supported the strictest guidelines for student nutrition with standards for calories, fat allowances, key nutrients and vitamins. No fried food is served and no Trans fat is allowed. Milk served is o% and 1% fat content. All meals are tailored for specific age groups and if meals do not meet the requirements they are not allowed. Going beyond what is required, MUSD initiated a “Wellness Policy” prohibiting food vending machines, the serving of any a la carte items, or allowing food sales in the schools that are not prepared by Nutrition Services. Students are only served a balanced meal. This is a huge commitment to student health.

The goal of Nutritional Services is to try to utilize healthy, unprocessed products and have students appreciate this food and find pleasure in its consumption. This becomes a challenge to the Nutrition Service Director and staff as the added six cent per meal reimbursement to provide healthy food under Michelle Obama's Healthy Kids Act is lost with projected food costs rising 6-10% this year. This new reimbursement was also supposed to cover higher quality products to bring down sodium levels for the students.

So, what’s for breakfast and lunch?
Breakfast and lunch are served at all sites. Prepayment of ten meals receives a bonus meal. Prepayment is encouraged to expedite the lines at mealtimes and can be done before school in the kitchen or through the individual school offices. A transaction record is available upon request at all sites providing parents the opportunity to find out when and what the students are eating. An application for free or reduced lunches is given to each household in the district at the beginning of the school year. Applications are also available at each school office and kitchen. Refer to the school site web pages for school menus or applications. Please call 943-8541 X 298 or 246 with any questions.

Mammoth High School and Mammoth Middle School
Several different options are available at breakfast. Everything from egg burritos to yogurt or cold cereal is available. All meals are served with fresh fruit and milk. There is a variety at lunch also. Several salads are available as well as hot entrees. Homemade soup and specials are made daily. Lunch is served as a meal, including a vegetable and milk.

Mammoth Elementary

Breakfast is available before school and also at morning recess. Again students have many choices all of which include fruit and milk. During lunch there is an option of the daily special or a salad, meeting all of the nutritional requirements including vegetable and milk. There is a vegetarian salad daily and many hot vegetarian offerings on the monthly menu.

All of the cafeteria staff at MUSD thank you for participating in the school lunch and breakfast programs. It is our pleasure to help keep your children healthy and happy for a more productive school day.