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This has been an historic year with unprecedented weather systems moving through our area. There is no exact science for calling a Red Day. The decision to either call a Red Day or a Yellow Day must be made by 5:30 am. Buses must leave the bus garage at about 5:30 and our earliest riders get on the buses shortly after 6:00 am. Here are some of the factors we consider, amount of snow, wind, conditions of streets in Town, and conditions of the schools both inside and out. We also consult with a variety of folks and agencies including the Town, CALTRANS, and CHP. We look to weather reports from the Town, the Mountain, and other weather reporting sources. Our facilities director is up often at 3:30 am, driving the streets and checking on the schools. We consult between 4:00 and 5:00 am. I check in with principals and check any input other staff may have sent me. Once the decision is made, several others step into action to put the word out in as many different formats as possible. Always the safety of students is our first consideration, and I apologize when the days have become worse than expected. Please know the students are safe when they are at school. If any parent does want to take their child home early, that is their right. Also, if any parent feels it is too dangerous to get their child to school, we will respect that decision too. However, we all need to balance the need for education. Our children need to be in school. Nothing can replace the importance in education of what happens between a teacher and a student during the school day.

As of February 9th, we have had 8 days without school due to weather. We have applied for a waiver from the California Department of Education for 6 of those days. Based on where we are currently, school will go through June 9th.

I thank you for your patience and your partnership. In times like these, we need to work together and support each other in getting through a difficult winter. I would like to thank the Town, the Police Department and the Fire Department for their support.

Don't forget to have books at home or electronically and to ensure your child is reading during this time. Our students can have wonderful adventures through reading as an escape from endless stormy weather!
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Welcome to Mammoth Unified School District!

All the benefits of a small private education in our public schools. Here are some of our successes:
* MUSD placed on College Board's AP Honor Roll
* MHS is top 7.5% of California public high schools by US News and World Report
* 1:1 student to technology (iPads or laptops)
* 20% of MHS students concurrently enrolled at Cerro Coso Community College
* Outstanding teachers
* Dedicated support staff and coaches
* California Female CIF Athlete of the year - 2015
* Flexible learning opportunities: on-line, in-seat, and concurrent
* Dual language program at Mammoth Elementary School
* Foreign language for all students at Mammoth Middle School
* Latino Family Literacy Project
* Music for all elementary students - 2015-2016
* STEM program to begin at Mammoth Elementary School in 2015-2016
* Strong academics, athletics, activities, and arts
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The Mammoth Unified School District (“District”) is seeking the services of a qualified financial services firm to provide assistance in debt analysis, debt management, the possible refunding or refinancing of existing debt issuances, as well as financing relating to the District’s upcoming facilities master plan, which may include a future debt issuance. Six (6) copies of your complete RFQ response must be received by the District no later than 10:00 AM on February 10, 2017.
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