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Message from the MUSD School Board

Dear Parents, Students, and Mammoth Community,

We are in a serious situation with the COVID-19 pandemic that has caused our schools to close and our governor to ask us to stay at home to avoid the spread of infection.  We are lucky that our MUSD superintendent, teachers, and all support staff are working tirelessly to make sure that our students can continue to have the gift of education, even though we have to stay home.

It is very important that we all follow the guidance from the health officials so more people are not infected. In the old days before science had advanced, we did not know to take these actions to break the chain of infection; now we have ways to help our community.

What does that mean?  For you students that means staying safe, staying home, and studying hard.  It’s sad, but that means this is not the time to play with friends. Parents, we know it’s tough trying to be a parent to your children while helping out with teaching responsibilities.  Please stay in contact with your children’s teachers! To our Mammoth community, we all are grateful for the many ways our citizens have been working to help other people in need, patronizing as much as we can our local businesses, and volunteering in so many ways. To all members of our amazing MUSD staff, we offer a huge thank you for all you are doing to keep our students’ education moving forward.

Always remember, there are many thousands of people working to help prevent bad things from happening with the disease and to help keep our communities thriving. These people are able to do their part because they studied hard and learned skills that prepared them whether they are scientists, engineers, mechanics, grocery store workers, restaurant owners, postal employees - - -teachers!  Everyone is doing his or her part.


And for all of us, what is our part?  Stay safe, and do everything we can to take care of our community. There IS a light at the end of the tunnel. It may be a bumpy tunnel, but we know how to make treatments.

Thank you for taking care of our community.

MUSD School Board:

Shana Stapp, President

Deanna Campbell

Tom Painter

Kathleen Taylor

John Stavlo