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Measure B Facilities Bond

We want to express tremendous gratitude to our community for supporting the MUSD students as expressed through the passage of Measure B. We look forward to the next steps as we prepare to begin the improvements of our facilities.  We hope you find this page to be helpful on the right you will find links to different areas.  
Estimated timeline of events:
January 2017 – MUSD began facility master planning process
June 2018 – Measure “B” $63.1 Facility Bond passed – BIG THANK YOU to the community.
Fall 2018 – MUSD worked closely with Bond counsel and our financial advisors to secure a strong credit rating. MUSD improved their rating with Standard’s & Poor’s from AA- to AA, and confirmed Aa3 rating with Moody’s. MUSD’s $63.1 million bond will be sold off over three series. The first Series A of $10 million was sold with a very low interest rate of 2.29%. A Citizens’ Oversight Committee (COC) has also been established. Their responsibility is to ensure that all bond money is spent as defined in the ballot language.
July-December 2018 – Request for Proposals went out for Architect, Construction management and General Contractor to complete our MUSD Facility Team. MUSD began working on a waiver to go to the California Department of Education board for approval in March 2019, to waive the qualifications for subcontractors to be from a “skilled and trained workforce”. If this is approved, it will open up the opportunity for more local contractors to apply for subcontractor positions. (CDE did not approve the waiver). 
December 3-6, 2018 – MUSD Facilities’ team started planning the first project at Mammoth Elementary School. Meetings were held with many stakeholder groups from staff by grade level and department to a public community meeting where everyone was welcome to provide feedback on the first steps of schematic design of Mammoth Elementary school. This first series of meetings were to determine the facility layout such as floor plan and required spaces.
February –June 2019- MUSD’s Facilities team continued to meet with the Elementary School user groups, and had public presentations at the Board of Education Board meetings.
Summer 2019- Facilities team has been hard at work developing detailed plans based on the needs of the staff and community. Throughout this planning process it is critical that the construction budget of $18,000,000 is watched closely. Staying on track with the budget is critical so we have the funds to complete all the other projects at the High School and Middle School. MHS has the largest need, but MES qualifies for the largest amount of addition State Facilities Funding of approximately $2 million. It can take several years to receive that funding so we need to get on the list as soon as possible. The other big reason for starting at MES is once the MES project is done it will free up all the existing portables at MES to be used at MHS for temporary classrooms. This saves us the cost of have having to rent temporary classrooms during the highs school project which will allow us to use that saving on facility needs that will last.
Fall-2019 Submitted plans to Division of State Architect (DSA) for approval.
Spring 2020- Begin Construction at Mammoth Elementary School. Meetings will be scheduled prior to construction to walk everyone through the construction phases.