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Superintendent's Message

I am very proud of the educational program provided by the Mammoth Unified School District.  Mammoth is a small community that works together to support our children.  Despite being a small school district, Mammoth Unified has striven to provide each student with the opportunity to pursue their own interests while learning at the highest levels.  Mammoth Unified has outstanding teachers and administrators and dedicated support staff and coaches.  Our students have opportunity to excel academically, socially, athletically and in music and the arts.  As students move through the grades, every student has an opportunity to become fully biliterate in English and Spanish.  Every student has opportunities to participate on athletic teams.  Because Mammoth is a small school district, students do not get lost.  They receive personal attention, coaching and mentoring from all staff.  I believe these are just some of the reasons that MUSD produces students who are confident and ready to pursue their dreams after graduation.  These are some of the reasons our graduates are accepted in many of the best universities and colleges across the United States.

Each year the Mammoth community comes together to support the graduates with scholarships for college.  This year our 62 graduates were recipients of over $200,000 of local scholarships.  This truly demonstrates the uniqueness of the community and its support for our young people.

As MUSD moves forward, always looking for how we can move from good to great, there are some program changes planned that will enhance the education of our students.  The elementary school is enhancing their dual language program by offering two language models a 90/10 Dual Immersion model and a Foreign Language One Way model.  Music instruction will be provided for all elementary students and a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) elective is being added for 3rd and 4th grade students.  At the middle school, an after school STEM program will be offered and an enhanced foreign language program is being provided for all students.  The high school continues to provide opportunities for in-seat courses, on-line courses, and concurrent enrollment courses through Cerro Coso Community College which earn both high school and college credit.  The high school is increasing Career Technical courses by offering a hands-on technology support class, adding Culinary Arts II, and offering a new Child Development course.

MUSD provides each student with an iPad.  Middle school and high school students are assigned a device which is used for electronic textbooks, research, projects, and demonstration of learning in countless ways.  Elementary classrooms are equipped with an iPad for every student but they do not go home.  All MUSD teachers have and continue to receive technology training.

As a parent, if you are seeking an outstanding education for your child, you can feel very confident that enrolling your child in one of the MUSD schools will prepare them well for college, career, citizenship and life.  Your child is our highest priority.