MUSD Announces MILES Distance Learning Program

Dear Parents,
The pandemic threw us all a curveball, but we are ready to tackle the challlenge! Although MUSD will most likely only be able to offer a very modified school program for at least the first part of the school year, we want to announce an exciting alternative. We know that some of our students thrived on Distance Learning and want to continue with the flexibility and independence of that program next year. Still others would like work from home during the ongoing health crisis. 
To provide students with an option to work from home, we want to announce our distance learning, home-based program (similar to a homeschool program) next fall. The new program is called the Mammoth Independent Learning & Enrichment School or the "MILES" program. It will be offered to any K-12 student whose parent requests it by August 7th.
The MILES program will empower parents to meet their children's educational needs and protect the health and safety of your family while maintaining enrollment in MUSD. Students will be enrolled in an online learning program (such as Edgenuity or Accellus) and be assigned an MUSD Learning Facilitator. The program will have options for AP courses, A to G requirements, electives and other course options. Regular class meetings and support will be provided by the Learning Facilitator during each learning period. Optional sessions for enrichment, social-emotional learning and support will be offered. There will also be options for project-based learning and the future possibility of live class meetings and field trips over time as Public Health allows.
Students must log in and complete work daily to maintain attendance the MILES program. Those students who participate actively will be able to attend all MUSD programs such as Athletics, Clubs, Extra-Curricular activities, graduation, etc... (Participation in MUSD programs and activities may be subject to GPA requirements, approval by school administration, and according to guidelines from CIF, the California Department of Education and Mono County Public Health.)
As of today, July 1, 2020, public health restrictions point to a dramatically modified school opening in August. The "regular" program will be modeled after the FLEX program and will be a part-time in-school and part-time online home learning program. Students will automatically be enrolled in this part-time in-school and part-time at-home program, which will be called the FLEXible Learning Program. Specifics about the FLEX program will be determined with input from the School Reopening Advisory Task Force and announced on August 1st. Due to the pandemic and ongoing uncertainty about next school year, parents who would like to opt out of this modified part-time program may register their child(ren) for the MILES program and complete all classes at home next year.
Please click on the attached MILES program flyer for information and registration form. Registration for the MILES program needs to be completed by August 7th. School offices will open August 3rd if you have questions or need more information.
Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate this very challenging situation!

Jennifer Wildman, Superintendent