Smoke Alert and Poor Air Quality Index

Attention MUSD Family,
As you have probably noticed, our air quality is extremely poor due to smoke being blown in from the Creek Fire. While there is no immediate fire danger to Mammoth or surrounding communities, the air quality presents an extreme hazard, particularly to children and sensitive individuals, and even to pets. In these conditions, it is safest to stay indoors with the doors and windows closed as much as possible. Masks help, but do not keep out the toxic particles in our air right now.
Last Friday, we canceled Husky Club due to the hazardous air quality. We are trying to keep Husky Club open every day, but please be advised that if our air quality worsens, or if we do reach a level 2 pre-evacuation warning for the approaching fire, we will close Husky Club. We will update this announcement and the announcements scrolling across the top of this webpage if we plan to close Husky Club. Our students should work and play indoors wherever they are until the air quality improves.
Keep your eye on this webpage for up to date information. We also update the air quality most mornings on the button to the right of this main webpage. Stay safe!