Hello MUSD Parents-
As we begin to reopen our schools for in-person learning, we want to ask you for your partnership in keeping all MUSD students and staff healthy. Working together will help keep COVID out of our schools!
First, we appreciate you checking your children for COVID symptoms every day before they come to school. Please be sure to keep sick children at home and watch for symptoms of COVID. Community COVID testing is still available and we encourage you to seek COVID testing for your child, your family and yourself if you are exposed or have symptoms. The district is also working on a plan to do some COVID surveillance testing of students at school in the near future.
In addition, if your child has been exposed to a family member or friend who tests positive, or if your child tests positive for COVID, please keep them away from school and let us know right away.  Our district Health Coordinator can help support you and your family to make decisions about how to respond. 
Although we have many safeguards in place, until all students are able to be vaccinated, we may have individuals or groups of students who are exposed to COVID and need to quarantine. If COVID exposure occurs at school, we will inform you right away. The MUSD website has a "District COVID Tracker" button to share active and past COVID cases among students and staff.
Attached is a COVID Symptom Chart and a "Now What?" Flowchart to help you. We are counting on our families to help keep our school community safe by following all health guidelines. Please let us know if you have any questions or if we can help you in any way.
Thank you!
Jennifer Wildman, Superintendent
& Colleen Moxley, MUSD Health Coordinator