Delay in reopening MMS & MHS

Dear everyone-
I am sorry to say that Mono County has not yet reached the Red Tier as hoped. Today the state announced that our case positivity rate is 7.2/100,000 which is just over the threshold for moving into the lower tier. That means that the clock starts ticking on a new 14-day period in which the county will have to be between 4-7 cases per 100,000 positivity rate to be officially placed into the Red Tier. If the state grants a waiver, it will still not come in time for us to reopen on Monday.

All elementary schools in California are now able to open for in-person instruction if the county case rate is below 25 per 100,000 and their plan for reopening is approved by county health officials or the State Safe Schools Team. That is why we were able to open MES for in-person learning over the last two weeks. MES is now fully open for an in-person hybrid program. In addition, special education programs at all grade spans are encouraged to reopen by March 31st. According to the California Department of Public Health, all schools are able to open for in-person instruction only if the county is in the red, orange or yellow tiers. MUSD is not allowed to open middle and high schools until we reach the Red Tier.

We are very disappointed in having to postpone the reopening of our secondary schools for in-person learning. We will continue with our current distance learning programs & small group instruction until we are allowed to reopen MMS and MHS for an in-person hybrid program. MUSD is ready to open, and we will need a short period of time after the state announcement of Red Tier status to give notice to staff, stock the cafeteria and make final preparations for in-seat learning. We are doing everything we can to shorten any additional waiting periods. We will let you know our new targeted reopening date(s) as soon as possible.

We are all keeping hope in our hearts that we can say goodbye to the Purple Tier very soon. Thank you for doing your part! Wear your mask, stay distanced, get tested for COVID when necessary, and get your vaccinations so that we can all move forward as a community as soon as possible.

Thank you-