Happy summer!

We made it to the end of the school year!
I have been thinking about all of the other last days of school years gone by, and for me there have been more than 30 of them. Every year, like clockwork, the last day would come and I would think, "Where did the time go?!" I cried on every last day of school as my students left for summer, even during the years when I taught special education and most of my students would be coming back to my class the next fall.

Classes are like families, and each year is like a time capsule. I couldn't name exactly what I did in my 12th year of teaching, but I know that to my students, it was their "sixth grade year". Graduations, promotion ceremonies, field days and parties...cleaning out desks and taking home those last papers and projects. I remember so many of my students' names and faces, from their shiny first day of school (new backpacks and all) to that last vivid day when the school year was over, and they hopped on the bus to the summer and beyond.
School districts are complex places. On the surface, it looks like school buildings, playgrounds and busses, but the heart of a school district is really the people who make it work.

MUSD Teachers have such a positive impact on our students' lives. They use their influence to make our students' educational experience great. When kids grow up and remember school, it is their teachers that they remember most. It is always a good time to thank our teachers for being there for our students. But this year, of all years, when our students needed connection more than anything, our teachers' time and effort with students and families made our kids feel safe and loved.
MUSD Staff make each year possible through their unending hard work, dedication and support. Our "behind the scenes" crew is dedicated to making every classroom and school a better place to be. Our staff makes our students' lives better through their care for them every day.
MUSD Leadership Team, including all of our administrators, managers and district office staff, offer consistent, unwavering and visionary leadership through good times and bad. It takes a strong leader to get through a year like this. The district and community are fortunate to have this dedicated administrative team.

MUSD Parents and Students, you are the reason we are here. Our focus is on you as we end this school year and look forward to another. We are proud and grateful to be part of your life journey. We believe in you!
As we end this year, I wish you rest and relaxation, time with friends and families, and finally time for reflection and gratitude that we made it to the end of this very difficult school year, able to say, 'we made it'.
I hope you have a wonderful summer!
Jennifer Wildman, Superintendent