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Mission & District Priorities

Mammoth Unified School District Mission


Mammoth Unified School District is committed to supporting students’ individual needs and preparing them for the future by instilling them with confidence.  Our school district encourages all students to push themselves to achieve and develop socially, emotionally, physically and academically.  The parents and staff are very involved in our students’ learning, recognizing their challenges and successes, while nurturing their individual talents and celebrating their diversity.


2017-2018 District Priorities


Academic Achievement

Improve the academic achievement including critical thinking, problem solving and creativity for all students.  Ensure that all students have access to a rigorous curriculum delivered through consistent use of exemplary instructional practices aligned to the Common Core State Standards.  Narrow the achievement gap that currently exists between student subgroups.


Fiscal Responsibility

Designate the financial resources needed to support the schools and the District as a whole.  Ensure that district resources are clearly targeted toward District Priorities while maintaining a positive financial standing for the District.


Communication and Culture

Enhance the communication with all stakeholders while creating a respectful and supportive culture with high expectations for all students and staff.



Support technology as an integral tool for teaching, learning, and working in MUSD.



Ensure the ongoing safety for students and staff through thoughtful planning and preparedness and by providing a positive and productive learning and working environment.